Wednesday, March 23, 2011


There's one question you can ask and nobody really knows how to answer it without having to think about it for a minute or two. It's a little tiny question that's only three letters long. Why? Whoever thought such a tiny work could mean so much and cause so much confusion about a lot of things. Why do you love him? Why did you hit my mother? Why did you rape me? Those are some questions you don't really know how to answer because when you're asked a question like that, you're always looking for a reason to blame it on. You don't really know why you do anything and you settle with the fact that everything happens for a reason. What's the reason though? You don't know because you haven't figured it out. You can spend your whole life looking for an answer that might not exist. I know that I'm going to be searching for a long time because I don't want to ask that little question. I'm too scared to ask the one person who can answer it because I don't want to hear the excuse that I get. Whoever though a three letter word could mean so much when brought upon you.

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  1. It's hard to get at the root of things. Sometimes you have to ask Why more than once. And people usually stop digging before they get to the real source of their actions.